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Hey kid, what’s going on, want to check out my pit of souls?


Yeah, those souls sure are way deep down in that pit there huh?


Or… not? Get your hands out of my soul pit.


Okay, I’ll admit that’s apparently some impressive reach…


Like, really impressive reach….



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Thank you to Mike Ferreira at Anime Herald for covering Moon Animate Make-Up!

I’m kind of mentioned! O_O And linked to! And my shot is being used!





new sailor moon anime is making dudebros piss and moan and it isn’t even out yet. I’m so proud.

how is that pissing and moaning? they’re rightfully pointing out that you can’t gender a fucking anime

It’s not gendering an anime to point out it was made for women and the majority of the consumers are women. Sailor Moon DID capture the hearts of girls everywhere. It isn’t like there’s a footnote that says “BUT NO BOY HEARTS WERE CAPTURED”

It means a whole fucking lot to a lot of girls because it is rare to get a superhero that is aimed to empower them. Naoko Takeuchi said she made Sailor Moon for girls, to empower girls. She has said this. That was her goal. She wanted to reach girls. You have a problem with that, and the advertisements acknowledging this was the aim of Sailor Moon, that’s really fucking sad.

seriously how is anyone surprised by this.

Whenever dudebros see one thing in this world not aimed towards them, they piss and moan about their balls shriveling up. number one, balls /=/ being a guy. Number 2- go watch the thousands of other things FOR YOU. 

In America, you have plenty. Women aren’t considered an audience worth drawing in. Media studies have shown executives often only target men and figure women don’t need to be targeted bc they’ve been forced to watch shit aimed at men, to put up with male aimed fanservice, their whole lives. They will come with the dudes. They CANCELED superhero cartoons recently using the fact it was too popular with the female viewership instead of the male viewership. Girls don’t often get stuff for them. Disney princesses (which are currently avoiding putting the name of female characters in the movie titles  so boys will go see them). my little pony, which gets a bunch of dudes taking it over, making porn and actually making it uncomfortable for little girls to attend it.Definitely not fucking superheroes (say Wonder Woman and NOT SINCE THE 1970S notice how she doesn’t have a movie or a cartoon and her comic panders towards dudes).

So when I see American dudes feeling put upon that Japanese media aims some stuff towards girls? zero sympathy. 

Aiming towards girls is what made Sailor Moon what it is.

I feel intense pity for men who can’t handle being put second ever. This is not made for you. You can still enjoy it. Just try to resist the urge not to be catered to or put first in every series you watch.

Also, you know Japan does not treat women with a lot of respect and honestly does not empower them. Having a manga and anime where the woman is the star, where she is strong and still faces life being a woman. That is something amazing for Japan.

I always loved that Sailor Moon made strengths out of what is typically considered “female weakness.” Fear and Sorrow and Love were okay to have and Sailor Moon’s crying was a super power.


Adrien Gromelle Demo Reel 2013



batgirl covers #21-30 alex garner

bonus #31

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Make your own paper Equestranauts!

Crafted by our best friends Hector Reynoso, Anthony Aguinaldo and Paige Garrison.




They went on to say how men ruin everything and how horrible they were, it was great.

So glad this finally aired! This scene was hysterical.

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